ADHD Parenting Tips 

For parents with a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD), frustrations can be at an all-time high as they can’t control the disorder. But one thing they can control are the symptoms and their triggering factors. How a parent will react to a child with ADHD is also controllable. There are tips on parenting kids with ADHD. All you have to arm yourself with is the patience to make it through the day without having to lose your sanity.  


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When Your Child Has ASD And ADHD Combined



My only son has ASD with ADHD. I know it sounds scary especially for those who haven’t got a clue on developmental delays and behavioral disorders. No, I didn’t take drugs when I was a teen who then led to my son having these disorders. Again, another NO – I didn’t smoke weed while I was pregnant which then made the brain cells of my son go dry. No, no, and no. I didn’t drown myself on pills which made him the way he is now. These are such ludicrous myths enveloping kids with dual diagnoses. Continue reading When Your Child Has ASD And ADHD Combined

When Others Tell You That Your Son Has ASD – What To Do?



I couldn’t believe my ears when my son’s Kindergarten teacher told me to have my son checked with a Neuro-developmental pediatrician. What is that specialist even an expert of? The name sounds so serious – neuro, I think, is connected with the brain. Developmental means the progress of a child and pediatrician is a doctor for kids. So, does it say that there is a brain development disorder on a child? ON MY CHILD??? Continue reading When Others Tell You That Your Son Has ASD – What To Do?