How To Cope With Fighting Kids

Kids can be very loud and noisy while fighting with each other. There would be shouting, crying and physical fight, for sure. Serious fighting with disrespectful words and physical hurting that causes injury among kids is alarming. This is a devastating situation for a family and for parents to witness it among their kids. With that, a parent’s good judgment for action is necessary.

Don’t Get Entangled With The Fight

Parents should not put themselves in between the heated fight of their kids. Quick confrontation and involvement in the conflict might give the kids an idea that it will always be their solution. Be unbiased and neutral. Let them find their way of resolving the problem. The kids should feel that there are freedom and a choice to make things better between them.

But parents should intervene in a fight if it gets extreme to stop it before matters turn for the worst. Decide to split them for a moment and talk to them together when things are calm.

Model The Behavior You Want To See

Do not just talk and advise the kids on how to settle their disputes. You have to be their role model. Parents who are always shouting and who use physical fighting to solve an argument will be followed by them. Adult arguments or disagreements should not be done in the presence of the kids. And try not to scream at them when they are arguing or fighting. It is hard to do, but as parents, you have to soothe everything.

Break The Bickering Cycle

The bickering of the kids can be the infuriating and irritating but calm and controlled response is necessary when stopping them. While the fight is still on fire, actions and words cannot solve the problem. Their minds are still closed at the moment, and it will block any advice or action to sink in. The situation should be calm before making an effort without taking sides or when projecting who is wrong or right.

Be the referee of the kids. Always stay in between them. Process the situation and take effective action without being unfair. Communicate with a friendly tone and understand their situation before making a decision.

Don’t Reward Kids For Fighting

Rewarding kids with too much attention with their fights is not healthy. Kids usually bicker to get the attention of their parents. They fight over many useless or petty things, and they can be naughty too. If the kids cannot have their way on what they want, they will probably start a fight to claim it. The attention of the parents will likely be drawn to their kids when they are fighting. This is what they want so that the parents will give them the attention. So, don’t fall for it.

Working at home to attend the needs of the kids is good but don’t give them too much attention when they are arguing the petty things. Kids must learn to solve their problems but be attentive enough to the warnings of a possible “war” among them.

Keep The Kids Busy

Boredom and not having a thing to do of kids would probably make kids pick-up fight. Engaging the kids in recreational active independent play activities will help the kid’s attention not to look for any trouble. These activities would probably teach the kids to be independent in some situations and not always be dependent on the parent for their wants to be granted.

Watching TV can usually keep kids busy, but too much can cause boredom that they will fight eventually. Kids are usually looking for active adventure play to use their physical and mental capabilities.

Find The Underlying Source Of The Problem

Handling the situation in an efficient matter should start with the main cause of the problem.

While boredom and seeking attention are the common causes of a problem, there are other considerations. There might be a reason behind it such as sibling rivalry, unintentional petty incident, and other small things that make kids fight. Understanding the main root of the problem will help you solve the problem.

Stop Fighting Before It Starts

Parents should be as much attention to anticipate situations what and when do kids fight. They may fight over in toys, computer or privilege matters that need to be considered. Preventive precaution is necessary to avoid the kids brew to fighting.

Don’t Get Discouraged

The kids fighting is a regular happening in every family.  It can be a spice of life that will mold the kids in a good way as long as they should not be entangled with extreme and uncontrollable fighting. Be patient with your kids and treat them well amidst the naughtiness.

Parents compromising with their kids should strategize the best solution and not the most natural way just to stop them. Even if you are a busy parent, your kids must know manners and discipline. Instill it upon them.

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