Minimize Stress: How To Assist Your ADHD Child With His Daily Life (While Keeping Your Sanity Too!) Last Part 

The first part of this blog was about tips on how to minimize the stress of living day to day with an ADHD child at home. Of course, being a parent, you will do anything you can to assist your child, but what are those things that you can do which will have a positive effect on him? There is creating a daily routine, setting rules, keeping your child busy and setting up rewards and consequences. In this last part, more tips will be discussed.


How To Use Rewards And Consequences On Your ADHD Child


  • Use praises as rewards instead of toys.
  • Make sure the rewards aren’t always the same.
  • Have a chart for his good behavior as a visual reminder of their achievements.
  • Small rewards are good, but the ones leading to a big prize is even better.
  • Always follow through with a reward.


  • Tell him in advance the possible consequences and do them immediately if the child misbehaves.
  • Time-outs can be a reasonable consequence.
  • Avoid situations that can trigger the inappropriate behavior.
  • When the child misbehaves, make him realize what he should have done to correct the situation.
  • Always follow through with a consequence, if necessary.


Encourage Both Movement And Sleep

Children with ADHD have lots of energy. Channel this energy into healthy activities like sports. Exercise can help them sleep better too.


Make sure that the sport they will choose suits them. Sports with constant action like basketball are better than games like softball which has idle time. Martial arts is also useful since it can train an ADHD child with self-discipline.

ADHD children tend to have difficulty in sleeping. One of the ways to help with this is by practicing a consistent bedtime routine.

Help your child get better rest by trying out one or more of the following strategies:

  • Decrease television time and give him more time to do physical activities.
  • Eliminate caffeine from his diet.
  • Create a buffer time to lower down the activity level for an hour or so before bedtime. Quiet activities like reading or coloring are good.
  • Spend ten minutes cuddling with your child. This is an excellent way to bond with your child and help him calm down.
  • Use lavender or other aromatherapy scents in your child’s room. This may help him calm down and feel sleepy.
  • Use relaxation tapes as background noise to help him sleep. Nature sounds and white noise like an electric fan can be calming to an ADHD child.


The Benefits Of “Green Time” In Kids With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Take your child to the park to experience nature. Nature can help significantly in reducing some symptoms of ADHD from triggering. Give your child a breath of fresh air from time to time. This moment can also relieve your stress, as well.


Help Your Child To Eat Right

Though diet isn’t directly connected with ADHD, it can still help in decreasing the hyperactive state of the child. Keep him away from junk food and as much as possible, provide balanced meals instead. It has to be a complete meal with grains, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and some bit of sugar.

There are times when your child will binge on fast food. Make sure to monitor this and avoid letting him eat these junks on a regular basis.


Healthy Food For ADHD Kids – Avoiding Binge Eating Junk And Fast Food

Prevent bingeing by having scheduled meals and snacks every three hours. This can be a break from their other routines.

  • Remove the junk food from his diet.
  • Avoid fatty and sugary foods when eating out.
  • Avoid showing junk food ads on TV.
  • Let him take a daily vitamin-and-mineral supplement.


Teach Your Child How To Make Friends – Improving Social Skills

Interacting with others can be difficult for ADHD children especially since they have difficulty reading social cues. They may also get teased for their emotional immaturity or their hyperactive behavior. But remember that they’re also kids. They need to interact with kids their age.


Learning social skills isn’t easy, but you can help your child be a better listener and how to read a person’s body language. Discuss with your child gently about the challenges and how they can overcome it. Mimic common scenarios through role-playing. You also need to select their playmates carefully. Start with one or two friends at first and then, he will learn to make friends as he goes along. Reward your child if he behaves well.

The tips from the first part and on this blog are fool-proof and tested by parents with ADHD kids. Take them to heart, follow them, and see your ADHD child flourish and bloom. And yes, while keeping your sanity intact.

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