Toddler Behavior Problems And How To Handle Them

Young kids, specifically toddler age children are so cute and cuddly. It is the time when they learn how to crawl, walk, talk, and other things. But it is also the period wherein the first they display some bad ways. It is called behavior problems, and it is nothing for you to worry about so much. You just need to know what these issues are and of course, curb it as early as possible.


What Are Some Behavioral Issues In Toddlers?

Aggression, Hitting And Biting (ages 12 to 36 months)

Despite what one may think, aggressive behavior is normal in toddlers. At this age, their language skills are still developing, and they want to be independent. They also don’t have much control over their muscles and with that, they may exhibit aggressive behavior like hitting or biting, something that parents will not condone.

It’s also normal to worry about your toddler’s aggressive behavior, and it’s important to let them know that what they are doing is wrong. They must not repeat it, and as parents, you have the responsibility to tell your toddler of that. Remember to keep your cool when your child is aggressive and once he has calmed down, explain to him that what he did wrong. Explain to your child how he must show his emotions other than hitting or biting.

Interrupting You

Toddlers tend to have a bad short-term memory; a really bad short-term memory. With this, they may manage to blurt things out or say things, and it’s because they’d have to say it now than forget about it. Partner it with the fact that they think no one else except for them requires your attention; toddlers would instead interrupt you even at your busiest. It’s the explanation as to why they feel there is nothing wrong with interrupting you or any adult for that matter.


Correct the behavior by being a role model. Whenever the child is talking, and you interrupt them, you have to apologize and instill that it’s not nice to interrupt people while they are talking. Eventually, they might emulate this.

Lying Or Forgetting

Kids, especially those younger than three years old, have difficulty in distinguishing reality and fantasy. Having an active and wild imagination is a good thing for kids, but sometimes it may perpetuate lying. Their mind is so creative, and they may think that what they imagine is real.

2-year-olds also have terrible memories. They may seem like they’re lying, but the truth is that toddlers forget that they’re the ones who drew on the wall or made a mess. Don’t discourage their creative imagination but instead encourage them to tell the truth. Don’t start with accusations because it will only lead to them denying and then, lying.

Hair Pulling

Hair pulling is one of the ways your child can show aggression. Most of the time for older children, it is to exert dominance, or they may have related the behavior to a reaction. It could be because they saw how pulling the hair of their sister got them the toy they want or they got their way. They may also find hair pulling to be funny.


To correct this, don’t give your child what he wants he is misbehaving or pulling hairs as it will only reinforce the behavior. Immediately stop the action and put him on time-out, so he’ll know that what he did was wrong.

Running Away

Walking is one of the most amazing developments your child can accomplish. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one thinking of this. Your child will feel fantastic about it too, and that’s why they try to run away when you put them down immediately. They don’t run away to be bad on purpose, but they run away from you because they want to try out this new found sense of independence.

Instead of discouraging him, guide your child on where to run. You can’t completely stop him from running as they do need to learn the skill. The best thing you could do is to teach your child where to go, stay close to him, or better yet run alongside your child.

These are some toddler behavior issues that are not problematic, but it can be if you don’t do something about it. Teach your young one how to act, and hopefully, he will grow up to be a well-rounded person.


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