Minimize Stress: How To Assist Your ADHD Child With His Daily Life (While Keeping Your Sanity Too!) 

Being a parent of an ADHD child is a challenge. You will go crazy at times just keeping up with your child. It is stress level ten, to say the least, especially if you have other kids who can’t seem to understand why your ADHD kid is behaving that way.


Well, this is your life now, and you have to accept that fact. The earlier you face this permanent situation, the better for you to move on and practice ways on how to assist your ADHD child with his disorder, how to live life by managing your child’s stress and yours too, and how to avoid stepping on your “crazy” shoes amidst the ADHD-rocked life.


Establish Structure And Stick To It

Kids with ADHD need to be prompted. In time, they will become self-aware and will be able to cope with their behavior. One of the ways to do that is to arrange a structure with your child and help him stick to it. Create a pattern or routine for him to follow. Children with ADHD do better with tasks when they know what to do and what they are expected to do.


Tips On Helping Your ADHD Child Stay Focused And Organized


Follow a routine. Having a daily habit can help your child do his tasks well and thoroughly. A simple daily routine like eating meals, doing their homework, and then going to bed at a specific time will significantly help. This is an example:


For example, you have to set a time for each daily activity.

6 AM, wake up and take a bath.

620 AM, go downstairs and eat your breakfast.

645 AM, clean up the table and wash your plate.

7 AM, wait for the bus to school to arrive.


When he gets home, you also have to give him a schedule.

4 PM to 5 PM, playtime with friends or gadget time.

5 PM, freshen up for the night.

530 PM, homework duties.

630 PM, dinner.

730 PM, time with mommy and daddy.

8 PM, free time.

9 PM, go to bed.


Structure and pattern will discipline an ADHD child which is what he needs. With this, he will acquire focusing and organizing skills. If he learns to hold his day, you will also be stress-free, at least for some days.


Use clocks and timers. Having clocks especially in your child’s room can help him grasp his routine much better. He will know what time it is and will have to adjust his pace when doing tasks or finishing chores.


Simplify your child’s schedule. Complicated after-school activities might make your child more hyper or distracted in the end. Don’t give him so many things to do. Stick to the basics and one or two activities that he is passionate about to fill his day. Some parents let their ADHD kids go out and do ballet, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, tap dancing, voice lessons, piano, painting, and more. One lesson is enough so the child can focus.


Create a quiet place. Give your child a private space of their own which isn’t their time-out place.

Do your best to be neat and organized. An organized home will help your child become more systematized too.


Avoid Problems By Keeping Kids With ADHD Busy

Having idle time may worsen the symptoms, so it’s important to keep the child busy. But don’t overwhelm him. Activities like arts or music class, as mentioned, can help keep the child occupied. Avoid depending on video games and TV – these can worsen the undesirable symptoms of ADHD.


Set Clear Expectations And Rules


Make rules that are simple and consistent for the child to understand and follow. Put the rules somewhere that your child can easily see. Explain to the child about the cost of breaking the rules and give a reward when it’s due. Praise the child for good behavior so that he will realize how to act positively at all time. If your ADHD child needs to be corrected, do so with positive reinforcement. Avoid giving negative criticism. Praise and a positive comment will go a long way.

Watch out for the Part Two of this blog. More tips on how to minimize your stress, and assist your ADHD child live his daily life.

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