How To Cope With Fighting Kids

Kids can be very loud and noisy while fighting with each other. There would be shouting, crying and physical fight, for sure. Serious fighting with disrespectful words and physical hurting that causes injury among kids is alarming. This is a devastating situation for a family and for parents to witness it among their kids. With that, a parent’s good judgment for action is necessary.

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Coping Tips: How Empowerment Improves Children’s Mental Health

People would always say that the children today are the hope of the future. But are we still paying attention to their holistic growth despite the increasing pressures and standards the society expects of them? Or are we causing more problems and neglecting their health?

Holistic Growth Is A Must

Through the years, many parents have created various coping techniques to improve their children’s development.


Many children across the globe have astonished all of us in showing what they are capable of in terms of intelligence, creativity, sports, and so much more. However, many parents have forgotten to consider children’s mental health which often becomes the reason for academic difficulties and behavioral and emotional problems.

As adults, we must see to it that children grow holistically: let them excel in the things they’re good at without pushing them to their health’s limits. And when we speak of health, we don’t only mean the physical aspects. It includes one’s psychological, emotional, spiritual, and mental capacities as well.

According to Dr. Aaron Traeger, a children’s health advocate, many parents resort to setting high expectations for children which end up being one of the main causes of fear of failure, stress, anxiety and depression, and other behavioral problems which take a toll on their emotional well-being and mental health. 


The Effect Of Empowerment

A Mental Health Foundation study found that mental health problems affect one out of ten young people, more than half of which do not get proper treatment.

This finding is very alarming because as children, it’s their right to get the proper nourishment and support so that they can grow up to be successful people in the future. Here’s how empowerment can improve mental health problems in children: 


  1. They Become Free From Fear Of Failure

Allowing them to make mistakes becomes an excellent opportunity for them to realize that school isn’t all about good grades but the hunger for knowledge. It improves their mental health because they let go of the stress which comes with the pressure of trying to get straight A’s which can significantly affect their mental health.

  1. They Become Free From Self-Doubt

Children need to be aware that we love, support and care for them. In doing so, empowerment can help them let go of the fears inside their head which usually cause emotional problems leading to anxiety and depression.

  1. They Discover Their Own Identity

Liberating children from societal pressures and standards allows them to discover themselves without conforming to expectations that usually lead to mental health problems among the young. Empowering children to be themselves reduces the risks of mental health challenges commonly caused by trying to fit in and satisfy their parents’ standards.

  1. They Feel Supported And Loved

Emotional support is one of the most impactful ways to improve children’s mental health. Through proper encouragement and empowerment, we can help combat children’s mental health problems such as anxiety and depression to let them know that people are there for them and that they are not alone in their battles.

Dealing with children undergoing mental health problems is not an easy task, but the experience makes it worth the sacrifice. We have such a great investment at our hands, and we can be part of the change we want if we learn to value the real things that matter. Mental health is a real problem, and empowering one another can move mountains for families and children around the world.

ADHD Parenting Tips 

For parents with a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD), frustrations can be at an all-time high as they can’t control the disorder. But one thing they can control are the symptoms and their triggering factors. How a parent will react to a child with ADHD is also controllable. There are tips on parenting kids with ADHD. All you have to arm yourself with is the patience to make it through the day without having to lose your sanity.  


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Minimize Stress: How To Assist Your ADHD Child With His Daily Life (While Keeping Your Sanity Too!) Last Part 

The first part of this blog was about tips on how to minimize the stress of living day to day with an ADHD child at home. Of course, being a parent, you will do anything you can to assist your child, but what are those things that you can do which will have a positive effect on him? There is creating a daily routine, setting rules, keeping your child busy and setting up rewards and consequences. In this last part, more tips will be discussed.


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Minimize Stress: How To Assist Your ADHD Child With His Daily Life (While Keeping Your Sanity Too!) 

Being a parent of an ADHD child is a challenge. You will go crazy at times just keeping up with your child. It is stress level ten, to say the least, especially if you have other kids who can’t seem to understand why your ADHD kid is behaving that way.


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When Your Child Has ASD And ADHD Combined



My only son has ASD with ADHD. I know it sounds scary especially for those who haven’t got a clue on developmental delays and behavioral disorders. No, I didn’t take drugs when I was a teen who then led to my son having these disorders. Again, another NO – I didn’t smoke weed while I was pregnant which then made the brain cells of my son go dry. No, no, and no. I didn’t drown myself on pills which made him the way he is now. These are such ludicrous myths enveloping kids with dual diagnoses. Continue reading When Your Child Has ASD And ADHD Combined

When Others Tell You That Your Son Has ASD – What To Do?



I couldn’t believe my ears when my son’s Kindergarten teacher told me to have my son checked with a Neuro-developmental pediatrician. What is that specialist even an expert of? The name sounds so serious – neuro, I think, is connected with the brain. Developmental means the progress of a child and pediatrician is a doctor for kids. So, does it say that there is a brain development disorder on a child? ON MY CHILD??? Continue reading When Others Tell You That Your Son Has ASD – What To Do?